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The Stupid Fish
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Forever Living Product’s Mission Statement:

‘We will create a profitable environment where individuals can, with dignity, be what they want to be: where integrity, empathy and fun are our guides. We will create and cherish a passion for, and belief in, our company, our products and our industry. We will seek knowledge and balance and above all, we will be courageous as we lead our company and Forever Business Owners.’

Building Brighter Futures

At Forever Living, we believe our greatest legacy is what we do for others and how we do it.

We adhere to sustainable practices that let us work in harmony with the earth, leaving a more promising future to our children. We take great pride in our charity foundation, Forever Giving, because it allows us to help others around the world who have needs far greater than our own.

We’re taking ideas and turning them into reality. It’s a part of our business that’s so deeply ingrained you could call it our culture.

Working towards a brighter future is so much more than our duty—it’s truly our pleasure.

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Counseling Works
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At Counseling Works, our approach to therapy is to work in the moment, the here and now; to focus on the issues that have brought you into treatment and to work together to create immediate goals that will provide you with the ability to move forward through life with confidence. There are many reasons as to why people seek therapy; whether it is in a time of personal or relationship crisis, to seek emotional relief from symptoms of an illness, or when the pressures of work or family life becoming unyielding in its demands. The Naperville depression, anxiety and marriage counseling therapists at Counseling Works can help you. Call us at 630-281-2496. For More Details Visit Us @

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Examinetics is the nation’s largest provider of mobile occupational health screening and data management services. Since its founding in 2004, Examinetics has evolved into an industry leader by delivering a wide range of hearing conservation, respirator clearance and fit, compliance, health and wellness screening and state-of-the-art data management services, specifically designed to reduce the ever-increasing burden of regulation and legislation. The company’s innovative service delivery model consists of medical surveillance and program management services and incorporates a full spectrum of testing methodologies for each client’s individual commercial, logistical and scheduling requirements.

Our mobile, onsite, and technology platforms provide compliance without productivity loss and the data required for optimal health outcomes. We call this Insight-Onsite.

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Workforce Health Services Delivered at Your Location
Beautiful Life – CurE
Address: St. Andrews Gardens

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My business is about helping people achieving their next milestone in life. It is about personal development and how to overcome obstacles hindering you progressing in life, it is about understanding your own actions and those of others.

My messages are:
•Know and understand yourself
•unlock your true potential
•walk through life with confidence
•achieve your desired life
•be a leader
•lead with authenticity and integrity

If any of these resonate with you, you are in the right place.

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Health = Happiness
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Theydon Bois
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I help people live with vitality and balance by working with them to understand their individual nutritional needs – No Salad Necessary! I work either on a consultation basis, or programme. Do you have a particular health goal? Or a health issue you’d like help with? Maybe you just want to get a bit of help meal planning with a busy lifestyle to make sure you’re feeding yourself the right foods? With the fast pace of todays life, and the “quick and easy” option for nearly every meal, have you ever stopped and thought of what your body actually needs? And how any symptoms are likely to be related to what you eat? For more info, or a free no obligation chat, get in touch today! I look forward to working with you!

Alison Dawkes is a busy mum with a part time job, husband and 2 young children. She’s also a business owner running workshops and giving 1-2-1 consultations as a Nutritional Therapist.
With a background career in IT, she’s changed her career direction entirely. After having the 2 children, she started to question what’s in the meals she’s preparing for her children and how they affect their rapidly growing bodies and brains. Fast forward 5 years, and she’s now running her Nutritional Therapist business, primarily focusing on Workshops and 1-2-1 consultations. With a huge passion for educating and sharing her knowledge, she helps people live with vitality, balance and an understanding of their individual nutritional needs. No Salad Necessary!

The lockdown period has given Alison time to focus on her business. She believes we should make the most of this time, and has joined new virtual networking groups, reached out to other professionals and has started a scholarship to increase her learning and qualifications in deeper areas.
She is currently focusing with moving her workshops online as Virtual, which is taking time as she has to convert all her material to PowerPoint! As well as “virtually networking” she’s following up individually with potential clients to see how they are coping in these unusual times.

Her goals are to create a successful business advising clients on their nutritional needs as well as educating them to make changes for life in their eating and cooking habits. She believes that everything in moderation is key, and that minimal success can come from depriving ourselves of our favourite treats. She’d also like to end up running nutrition basics for children in schools as she believes its vital that we bring up the next generation with a better understanding of nutrition and food.

If you’d like to know more or just get in touch by sending us a direct message through the directory or call us on the number below.

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