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Charlotte Noon Coaching
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Leigh On Sea
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One thing that I have learned from 15 years of teaching teenagers is that being a teenager can be tough. The pressure they are now under in schools to achieve academic success is at an all-time high. In addition to this, they are bombarded with images on social media which encourage them to compare and despair. Sadly, many teenagers lose sight of the fact that the most fabulous asset they have is their own uniqueness and instead of celebrating this, they often spend all their time striving to meet others’ expectations. This often leads to:

Stress-related illness such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, eating disorders, self-harm or OCD
Low self-esteem
Lack of direction/motivation
Friendship/Family issues

Many of these negative and destructive behaviours that begin in the formative teenage years are still being carried around by many adults, causing them continued difficulties in later life.

What if you could nip these patterns in the bud now? Imagine if your teenager could be given the tools to overcome these barriers, leaving their path clear to become the best version of themselves that they can possibly be.

I use the principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Coaching and Hypnotherapy to help teenagers to challenge the limiting beliefs they hold in a safe and non-judgemental environment, enabling them to appreciate their own unique fabulousness and feel re-energised to live the life they really want.

My aim is to provide your teenager with the tools they need to feel recharged and re-energised in as few sessions as possible, ideally 3 or 4.

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Alpha Vesta CIC
Address: 1st Floor Audit House, 151 High Street, Billericay, Essex
CM12 9AB
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Alpha Vesta CIC was founded in February 2019 with a very clear foundation and mission statement of ‘breaking the cycle of domestic abuse through awareness and effective and safe early intervention through the workplace’. Frontline experience in the sector as well as academic study informs all of Alpha Vesta’s work.

We deliver on our mission by providing businesses and organisations with awareness services, training, consultancy and policy development in domestic abuse.

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Address: 703 N. 8th Street, Killeen, TX, USA

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Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Texas offers a wide range of activities for kids between 7 to 18 years of age. The child care center in Killeen, TX organizes various activities to help kids build personal as well as social skills. To name a few activities are Youth Football, Swim Team, Tutoring, Career Counselling etc. These activities help your kids build self-esteem and also make them socialize with other kids at the Killeen child care center.

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maa illustrations
Address: 13 Bramshill Close,
Chigwell, London IG7 4BU
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Maa Illustration provides various illustration services like Medical Illustration, Technical Illustration, Book illustration, Raster to vector illustration etc.

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Glowing Results LLP
Address: 12 Regent Street,
CO11 1BL
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Expert, high-calibre professional tutors
Original, unpublished, custom-written materials
Strategies for exam success
Range of IELTS and related specialist courses
Flexibility in choice of modules & length of study
Small classes (6 – 12*)
Pleasant environment and friendly classroom atmosphere
Zone 1 London location for classroom tuition
Class-based and distance courses
Moderate fees
Meet the Founder

Stacie holds an M.A. in Literature from Durham University, a further M.A. in Applied Linguistics from London University (Birkbeck) and has 15 years’ experience as a tutor in English for Academic Purposes at London University. Before this, she worked for King Saud University, Riyadh, the University of Naples, Italy and for the British Council.
Stacie is also a fully qualified state teacher and holds a DELTA diploma. She has particular expertise in pronunciation and spoken delivery skills. Her great loves are ancient history, travel and the theatre, both as an audience member and actress.

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Business Phone Number: 07780 651550
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