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This is BubbleStick Creative
I have a background in marketing; in retail fashion and home décor and DIY. I worked in horse-riding therapy, manufacturing and teaching. I am an artist and a writer.
So I’ve told you a bit about me now let me tell you about what I know about content and copywriting and marketing and all that stuff.
‘Back in the day’.
From visual to vocal, my job was to attract customers and keep them wanting to return.
Visuals (Store window, media advertising) was point 1 that got the customer in the door. Word-of mouth was point 2, customer service was point 3.
Nothing has really changed in marketing in 100 years or so (I haven’t been around that long but I do know I’m right) .
The formula is the same, you (B) are there to solve the problem of the customer (C) or other business(B). (B2C and B2B).
And now
Visuals carry the reputation, voice and image of the business.
It tells the customer where they sit, and aspire to be.
The visual impact of a business, before a customer has read a single word or looked at a single product tells the customer whether this is a place they want to be.
From colour palette to fonts, your digital shop window, whether you are selling legal services or baby clothes, lets the customer know who they are buying from.
People buy from people. Humans are also innately tribal. If they see something that resonates with their tribal belonging, it urges them move in that direction.
So, first step in selling your service or product is to sell you and show how you are part of the tribe.
Be authentic.
You need customer loyalty for business sustainability.
Voice is visual, sort of. It is sensual.
How you speak to your customers can make or break your business. You have to know who your customers are as people not money.
Their pockets could be loaded but if you don’t speak their language or know their life they are not going to give it to you.
Authenticity is as sticky as honey. That is what you need, sticky, honey covered marketing.
Don’t fake it, your business message needs to be pure and natural.
So, know yourself, know your product and know your audience.
Have that solid knowledge and you are already on the road to building brand loyalty.

What do you need a loyal customer base for when you need to grow BIG?
What are customers? Human beings. Human beings are social animals, as I said before, tribal.
Social animals are just that; sociable. The talk, they communicate, and they talk the other members of their tribe. Word of mouth.
Recommendations are free advertising that is genuine.
Exploit it in the nicest possible way.

Customer service is not just restricted to face-to-face business to consumer, we aren’t living in the 1980s.
We have the power of Zoom, YouTube, Spotify, social media, website copy, email, literature. These are all channels through which you can communicate with your potential customers.
We have so many channels to reach out to customers, it can be a treasure trove if you hit the spot, a minefield if you don’t.
Consumerism is *fast, marketing is *fast and if you get it wrong at the start it takes a lot to get it back. Send out the wrong, inauthentic message about who you are and you are left with a sinking boat, treading water in a vast ocean; with plenty of sharks ready to pick off your escaping audience!

So, this is where you make the choice of who connects you to your audience.
It’s a make or break decision, you need to get it right.
Your first choice is probably yourself; right?
You know who you want to connect to, you know what you want to sell to them.
So let me get this right.
You are an expert at what you do, or at least pretty good at what you do.
You dedicate your time to providing the goods or services that you know that people want.
You’re a one-human-band maker or provider, or you’re organising an ace team of makers or providers.
Your second choice is probably a copywriter.
The trouble is they cost money.
Let me move you back up here to *FAST.
If your competitor has a content or copywriter to do it for them they will have a voice in the market through most if not all channels I listed earlier.
They will have fresh content put out there at the very least, monthly.
They will have their ear to the ground for any new channels that are opening up (who saw TikTok getting into marketing?!).
For their copywriter it is their product and service, so they only do this.
They don’t fix a car, design a clothing range, write and deliver a new coaching programme (other products and services are available) AND do their marketing because they concentrate on what they do best.
Copywriters have a wealth of tools and knowledge at their figertips that will connect you with your audience.
Need something a bit different? They have the time, skill and know-how to deliver what you need.
Now, much as I said that marketing hasn’t changed in a 100 years, it doesn’t mean I stagnated in the last century. I spend my time listening to and reading about copywriting and marketing to keep my knowledge and skills up to date because, as I have said, things move fast*.
Nobody can do it on their own!
I would like to say I’m an expert, I am amazing at copy and content writing but, the art of copywriting is just that, an art, and as such there is no ‘expert’. I can and do strive to be the best but the fact that consumers and businesses are so diverse, it defines that I can’t be an expert.
I’m a cog and it takes you and your customer to make me turn. Without my cog you’re machine is unlikely to work efficiently , if at all.
Now, athough I am a brilliant wordsmith and can bewitch with my copy I am not a miracle worker.
Don’t just tell me to ‘write a blog about my tree felling service’.
Remember the human element! I need to talk to you, find out your USP, your goals, your ideal customer, your competitors… You’ve got to give me a little bit so I can do a lot for you.
Cost or Value?
Well that is for you to work out.
I can tell you that the value of hiring me is much higher than the cost.
The cost of lost business is much higher, now and in the long term, than the value of hiring a good copywriter.
Remember the fast*?
Scrollers on their mobile devises, that make up the majority of new customers, have the attention span of a gnat, around 0.25 seconds (that includes me and you) so first impressions are what keeps then there or scrolling on.
You have a further 5 to 10 seconds to hypnotise the viewer and keep them under your spell or they’re gone.
I’m not in a ivory tower thinking I know it all, I have a habit formed many years ago and focused on in teaching, to constantly update my knowledge.
So like anyone I have likes and dislikes and things I can and can’t write well.
If I like it, I will research in depth and write knowledgably.
Like any copywriter, I can write about anything.
But to write effectively your writer has to like what they are writing.

So here’s me; not many dislikes, scroll down for those.
Art and artists and the arts. Music, dance, design, architecture, painting, drawing, scuIpture. I am a creative person, a creative thinker, outside of the box, throw me a concept, I’ll throw back a new idea!
I’m a bit geeky so anything tech or science related will get me piqued.
Medicine, particularly psychology, mental and physical wellbeing.
I have a keen social and human rights conscience.
World culture and spiritual beliefs.
I support conservation and sustainable methods to keep the planet earth alive.
I love space, stars, planets, weather, the oceans.
I am a nature lover and being outdoors, whether it’s camping and hiking, or gardening.
Insects, I really like insects, mini-beasts, wildlife in general.
I don’t do sports, sorry just not me. I can write about people in sports though.
My go-to copywriting guru is Colin Theriot. He is the one I return to for hard truths and rock-solid advice and guidance. Look him up to see where I come from.

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